BSA comments on the increase in the Bank Rate to 1.75%

Robin Fieth, Chief Executive at the Building Societies Association (BSA), comments on the increase in the Bank Rate from 1.25% to 1.75%.

“Another Bank Rate rise, the sixth since December, will be unwelcome news for many homeowners. But with around eight in ten mortgage-holders on fixed rates it will take time for these rises to be felt by many borrowers, as they will continue to pay the same each month until their current deal ends.

“When those fixed rates end, most will choose either to re-fix with their current provider or search the market. Whilst rates remain comparatively low, we have seen fixed rates rise sharply since December 2021 and borrowers will need to consider the impact of increasing rates alongside all the other increasing demands on their monthly earnings.

“It’s likely to cost those at the end of a 2-year fixed-rate who re-mortgage to a new similar deal around £100 more a month. For those on 5-year fixed rates, their re-mortgage is likely to increase their payments by around £60 a month [1].

“Lenders are sensitive to the rising number of people facing a squeezed household budget. Anyone who is worried about their ability to pay their mortgage should get in touch with their lender early and they will do everything possible to help.”


[1] Based on a £130k mortgage for 25-year term. It compares the rate on the loan 2, 3, or 5 years ago (depending on term) to the one available now (June 2022) on the same basis, i.e. assumes 2-year fixed will remortgage onto another 2-year fixed at the same LTV and for the same £130k.


Kindly shared by The Building Societies Association (BSA)

Main photo courtesy of Pixabay