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Introducing Groundsure’s New Powerful Residential Search Report Avista

Searches UK are delighted to offer their clients the latest report to hit the market, Avista from Groundsure.

This advanced report offers 7 key environmental searches intelligently filtered to produce the clearest and most comprehensive risk report in the market.

Avista aims to simplify and out-smart traditional environmental reports by combining five of Groundsure’s most requested environmental reports into one, with a minimum of 30% savings.

This seven-in-one search includes Planning, Contaminated Land, Flood, Ground Stability, Energy, Transportation including latest HS2 route proposals and other environmental including Radon

Additionally, the reports are condensed to only feature the information that is important to you and your client, saving all parties not just money but time too. Key information is provided on the front page of the report, including the Avista Action Alert (a simple visual guide to the complexity of the environmental factors associated with a property and the likely impact any further steps will have on a transaction’s progress, helping conveyancers prioritise work at a glance). If there are no specific risks identified in the reports, it will be clearly identified with unnecessary information excluded. Therefore all issues and risk regarding the property is clearly highlighted.

The property search is carried out with a polygon boundary, rather than the traditional central points. This offers assurance to your clients that their property and surrounding area is fully covered (size restriction applies).

Dan Montagnani, managing director at Groundsure said:

“As a business, we are continually striving for ways to provide smarter solutions to property professionals and their clients. Our customer-first approach has allowed us to develop a product that delivers clear, concise and accurate data that makes it easy for our customers to make better property decisions. We are committed to innovation and improvement in environmental search reports which is why we are thrilled to launch Avista. Not only will it save conveyancers considerable amounts of time, it reduces risks for all parties involved in the purchase of a property.”

Lisa Summerton, Sales Director, at Searches UK said:

At Searches UK, we pride ourselves on offering a professional, yet personalized, service that helps to simplify transactions in order to make the moving process as straight forward as possible for conveyancing solicitors and their clients. Avista is a fantastic product and I am very excited to offer this search through our ordering platform.”

FREE Trial

Searches UK are confident that this report will be a huge benefit for home-buyers. Therefore they are currently offering a free trial on this product for a limited time only. Test this search through Searches UK by using an address of your choice to review the benefits of this new product.

Free in-house seminars and webinars are available upon request. For more details on this product, or to receive a quote, contact Searches UK.

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