On the Fifth Day of Christmas, Searches UK Gave to Me… A Crime-Free Christmas!

Cybercrime has been influenced and in many ways further enabled by the speed of technological advances, especially the internet. These crimes are affecting people and business globally on a daily basis.

As conveyancing specialists, we believe it is our responsibility to make sure our clients only benefit from the technological revolution. That is why we have joined forces with Lawyer Checker to safeguard client funds against an increasing threat of vendor conveyancing fraud.

Conveyancing can be an easy target for criminals. It has become common to read or hear stories of identity theft, criminals infiltrating law firms or even governing bodies such as the SRA. When you are having a typically busy day and are expecting emails from clients or other organisations, it is all too easy to overlook the signs or not double check your tracks.

Yes, you can check some details via useful tools such as ‘Find a Solicitor’ but arguably, in present times, this is just not enough, especially as in some rare cases the information found here has been flawed.

To protect your clients and their money during the transaction process, we recommend the Account and Entity Screen. This product provides you with enhanced risk management in fund transmission by checking the account details you are sending funds to against Lawyer Checker’s unique database. This database checks whether the account you searched against has a track record of successful usage within conveyancing.

To view a sample of the Account and Entity Screen search report, please click here.

Searches UK have also invested internally to strengthen our own security systems. We highly recommend that solicitors do the same. Cyber- security specialists, Think Marble work closely with law firms to create robust defences that keep you ‘cyber safe’ in line with Government initiatives.

Andy Miles, Managing Director of Think Marble, will be providing more details on cyber security and current threats at the Inside Conveyancing Legal Conference taking place on Thursday 25th January 2018, brought to you by Searches UK and Groundsure. Andy will be performing a live hack in the room to give delegates first-hand experience of what your firm could be up against without certain cyber-security procedures in place… this event is not to be missed!

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