RPSA recognises NADC

Professional body becomes preferred supplier of drainage surveys for its members

The Residential Property Surveyors Association (RPSA) has recognised the National Association of Drainage Contractors (NADC) and its members as the preferred supplier of drainage surveys for its clients. This recognition is a direct result of the demanding standards that NADC places upon its members which include the requirement that members offering CCTV drainage surveys must hold the recognised certification for this specialist activity.

Alan Milstein, Chairman of RPSA said:

‘with an aging drainage infrastructure and the increasing demands placed upon it, RPSA members are seeing an ever growing need to recommend to clients that they obtain a drainage survey. That used to mean suggesting that they go on-line to search for a local contractor, but without having an assurance that they would be able to undertake the job professionally. NADC has been able to demonstrate to RPSA that their members are properly trained and competent to undertake CCTV drainage surveys and in future RPSA will suggest to its surveyor members that they direct their clients to the NADC website to find a drainage contractor to do the job for them.’

Peter Stacey, Chairman of NADC commented:

‘I am delighted that RPSA has recognised the demanding standards that NADC has set for its members and in particular that they are competent to undertake any specific activity that may be asked of a drainage contractor. Undertaking a CCTV survey is a highly skilled activity, and it is vital that a contractor has the correct certification to do the job. All NADC members who carry out CCTV surveys have such a certification and RPSA can therefore feel confident in its decision to recognise NADC and its members as preferred suppliers’

The new arrangement has been circulated to all RPSA surveyors and instructions for NADC member drainage surveys should follow quickly as a result.

Kindly shared by RPSA