Risk Management Firm Launches Tool to Combat Email Fraudsters

Lawyer Checker are pleased to be launching a new product to help professionals effectively secure their firm’s email.

OnDMARC provides a protective barrier for your firm’s email correspondence, shielding both your staff and clients from one of the most common types of online fraud. By actively stopping your domain from being used to carry out phishing and preventing third parties from impersonating your email domain, DMARC enables you to instantly identify fraudulent emails and improve your email deliverability.

Email interception: The Growing Risk

As experts in providing risk management tools specifically designed for the legal sector, Lawyer Checker are well equipped in helping firms to check that the party that they are transferring funds to is legitimate. However, this also means that we are highly aware of the level of cyber threats which firms are up against, and unfortunately, this is not something which is going away anytime soon.

Highlighted in the latest Update of the SRA’s Risk Outlook, email interception still poses a significant threat to client money, with cases demonstrating the devastating impact that scams can have on both clients and firms. With 60% of all cybercrimes reported to the SRA being email modification frauds, it’s clear that firms need to take preventative action.

Are firms doing enough?

Though fraudulent emails may once have been easy to spot, the techniques of criminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and emails becoming alarmingly believable. Often, a firm won’t know it’s at risk before it falls victim to a cyber attack.

Whilst most firms will already have measures in place to prevent against cybercrime, the majority are still vulnerable to attacks sent via email. After all, anyone can send an email directly to your customers, supplier or employees pretending to be you.

Taking preventative steps

Setting out to help protect firms against the growing risk of fraud, Lawyer Checker are delighted to be launching OnDMARC, a web-based service which enables professionals to effectively safeguard their email against cyber threats.

An email authentication protocol, DMARC or Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance, was an approach pioneered by PayPal over a decade ago, with other big names such a Gmail and Yahoo Mail collaborating too. Building on SPF and DKIM protocols, DMARC provides an additional function which enables senders to block fraudulent emails which use their domain.

Designed in a way which is suitable for firms of all sizes, OnDMARC is the cloud product which facilitates the easy implementation of DMARC, ensuring threats including phishing attacks are blocked.

After providing firms with step-by-step guidance on how to implement their email security profile using DMARC, OnDMARC provides firm with an insight into their email security as well as clear actions to take to improve risk prevention.

OnDMARC also enables firms to identify who, and from where in the world, is using their domain to send fake emails, enabling users to prevent fraudsters from impersonating their firm.

Even after a firm’s domain is effectively protected, OnDMARC will continue to track the status of risk and report any security issues which may later arise.

Using DMARC will also improve the deliverability, as once implemented, firms will be verified as a genuine sender.

To find out how DMARC could help to protect your firm against the growing risk of email modification fraud, please click here.


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