How are Lawyers Using Mobile Technology?

LEAP undertakes survey of solicitors to find out the importance of mobility when running a successful legal practice

The demand for access to business information has grown dramatically. Over 80% of the UK population has a smartphone, and over two thirds of adults have access to a tablet. Current estimates predict over 75% of internet use will be on a mobile device in 2017, with this increasing to 80% in 2018.

The legal sector needs to adapt to keep up with the mobility trend. Clients are transforming their business processes and lawyers need to change accordingly. Forward-thinking practices have made the move to mobile and others run the risk of being left behind.

This is reflected in a recent survey with responses from 50 legal firms using LEAP legal practice management software, results found that almost half of respondents use the available mobile app regularly to manage their matters, correspond with clients and work with colleagues via their smartphone or tablet.

The survey also provides insight into how solicitors are making the most of cloud technology and all that it offers. 96% of respondents that are using the LEAP Mobile app do so to review and append documents on matters, and to access matter and contact information, including making phone calls with associated time recording. 42% of users use the standalone time recording feature, almost 25% use the integrated scanning functionality and 15% use the devices dictation capabilities to add dictated notes and letters to LEAP.

What features are most popular to solicitors when working from their mobile device?

Feature Percentage
Viewing documents 96%
Viewing matters 84%
Viewing cards 54%
Time recording 42%
Emailing correspondence 42%
Viewing financial data 40%
Viewing key dates 24%
Adding notes 22%
Adding documents 16%
Dictation 15%
Disbursement posting 8%

John Flanagan, ‎Product Manager at LEAP UK comments:

“Adopting a mobile strategy means that devices, and associated applications and software, can be capitalised to make it easier for lawyers to collaborate without being tied to their desks. Real-time communication with the office delivers significant business benefits, including more efficient use of staff time, driving an increase in billable hours. This flexibility changes where work can be done, be it home, commuting or at court.”

LEAP 365 is a suite of software capitalising on LEAP’s true cloud technology. With apps available across the Windows desktop, iOS (for both iPhone and iPad), Android and the browser.

Two LEAP clients comment on the Mobile App:

The app is easy to use. Information can be obtained instantly and whilst away from the office. No need to sit waiting by the office based computer!” comments a representative from Auriga Advocates. “The mobile app has driven greater productivity, ensuring chargeable items dealt with whilst out of the office are not overlooked.” comments On Demand Lawyers.