HM Land Registry’s Head of Digital talks geospatial data and blockchain

Director of Digital, Data and Technology John Abbott joined TechTalk Radio to discuss geospatial data and blockchain technology.

As part of HM Land Registry’s long-term project of looking at how innovative new technologies can improve the house buying process, Director of Digital, Data and Technology John Abbott has spoken exclusively to TechTalk Radio to discuss how the organisation is working with industry partners to maximise the value of its data and exploit future technologies like blockchain.

Talking to presenter Emily Wright, John said HM Land Registry, through its five-year Business Strategy and its Digital Street project, is at the forefront of global innovation in land registration and is working to develop new systems to ensure it achieves its ambition of becoming the world’s leading land registry for speed, simplicity and an open approach to data.

John said:

“There are a lot of exciting possibilities in terms of what can be done with blockchain technology. We are looking into what could be done, and whether or not it should be done, through our innovative Digital Street project. All of our work, from exploring the potential of blockchain to investigating how to make the most of our datasets, is conducted in collaboration with people from across the property market – we want to make sure that HM Land Registry works for everyone.”

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