GlobalX launches Matter Centre, its specialist conveyancing software

Property search specialists, GlobalX, has launched a cloud-based conveyancing platform that promises to make conveyancing matters simple.

Matter Centre, which has thousands of users in Australia, utilises automation to streamline conveyancing transactions, saving law firms time and money.

Launched initially in Australia, it has gone through an extensive redevelopment process, using the knowledge and experience they have in the UK to tailor it to the property market in England and Wales.

The award-winning software streamlines matter management with its powerful feature set which includes auto-populated documents, transaction templates and direct integration with their search platform.

Conveyancers will be able to create automated workflows or transaction templates, that will create a series of tasks and reminders on the creation of a new matter as well as prompt users as to what documents they should send out.

The company, which works with hundreds of legal firms providing company and property searches across the UK, are set to launch a national campaign with the aim of making as big an impact in the UK as it did in Australia.

GlobalX CEO Mark Allwood said:

“With the release of Matter Centre, we will be providing conveyancers with a low-cost software solution that will enable them to reduce their day to day administrative burden and focus more on fee-earning.

“We have already piloted the product with a number of our longstanding clients and are looking forward to seeing how the rest of the UK market responds to this exciting new development.”

GlobalX founder Tim Mahony said:

“The UK launch of Matter Centre is a significant milestone in our global expansion. We built the software to address the pain points felt by conveyancers which are similar on both sides of the hemisphere.

“We’ve been able to take advantage of the expertise and experience we have in the Cardiff and combine it with the existing talent in Australia to build a product with new features and functionality specifically for the UK property market.”

GlobalX launches Matter Centre, its specialist conveyancing software

Mark Allwood and Tim Mahony

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