Top 5 Conveyancing Webinars in 2017

So what were the hot conveyancing topics in 2017? Fraud, Leasehold Changes, Lender Compliance and The fourth Anti Money Laundering Directive were all front of mind at various points of the year.

The Lexsure Academy hosted on 26 webinars in 2017, many of which were sponsored by Searches UK, covering a range of topics.

The popularity of certain webinars may be viewed as an interesting measure as to the issues that conveyancers are most concerned with. Here are the figures relating to the five most attended webinar subjects:

  1. Leasehold is Changing – Updating Your Documents (997 Registrants)
  2. The Lenders’ Handbook – How to Stay on Top of Changes (721 Registrants)
  3. Pre-Completion Checklists – Do You Know What You Are Missing (690 Registrants) 
  4. Building Reports on Title/How Technology is Changing the ROT (662 Registrants)
  5. Lender Handbook Updates 2017 – An Overview (540 Registrants)

The head of training at Lexsure anticipates that the three most popular sessions for 2018 will be focused on Mortgage Lender File Reviews, Reports on Title and Additional Enquiries.

The three most popular subjects in 2017 for Lexsure’s ‘Free In-House Training’ and seminars for local law societies were:

  1. Conveyancing Fraud – Joining up the Dots
  2. Future of UK Legal Practice – A Technology Perspective
  3. Auditing Conveyancing Files: Lifting up the Carpet

Details of future webinars plus the ability to order slides or recording for previous topics can be found here.


Kindly shared by Simon Seaton – Non-Practising Solicitor