Regulated Local Authority Searches VS Council Local Authority Search

Personal Searches, known as Regulated Local Authority Searches, have become a popular, often quicker and more cost-effective alternative to Council Local Authority Searches or Official Searches in purchase conveyancing.

However, some professionals still hesitate to commission a Regulated Search, based on outdated ideas about, for example, how lenders respond to these outcomes.

So, let’s bust some myths about Regulated Searches and examine why these can often be the right route to take.

Myth: Lenders will only accept a Council Local Authority Search.

Reality: The majority of lenders will now accept the results of a Regulated Search when the search is carried out by a reputable company that adheres to the Council of Property Search Organisations’ Search Code. Searches UK is an associate member of the Council and adheres to the Search Code. Many lenders will also be willing to accept a Regulated Search when the conveyancer who has commissioned the search is also happy with the results.

Information which lenders can utilise can be located in the CML handbook if there are any queries.

Myth: The Council Local Authority Search is more comprehensive.

Reality: A Regulated Search is every bit as comprehensive as the Council Search because the information collated comes from the same documents used by the council.

Myth: The Council Local Authority Search is likely to be the cheapest option.

Reality: Each council charges a different fee for completing a Council Search, ranging from £50 to more than £200 depending on the location of the local authority. With a Regulated Search, on most occasions the fee is fixed across England and Wales, regardless of the council involved, allowing solicitors to give their clients greater clarity from the start on costs.

Myth: You may as well commission the Council Local Authority Search because it can’t be done any faster regardless.

Reality: A specialist conveyancing search agent can often complete a Regulated Search in a quicker turnaround time because of their local knowledge in dealing with specific councils.

Myth: The Council Local Authority Search will contain the most up-to-date information on a property.

Reality: As already stated above, a Regulated Search is created using information collated from exactly the same documents and sources as used by the council and therefore the Regulated Search will reveal exactly the same information as the Council Search.

Myth: The client is better protected by using the local authority to complete a search.

Reality: In our Regulated Local Authority searches, Searches UK offers comprehensive insurance cover of £2 million on information accuracy plus £2 million on PI cover as standard. We can also provide a higher level of cover on request.

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