Maple syrup with your lender update, sir?

The Lexsure Academy has seen a ten-fold increase in bookings for their in-house ‘power hour’ training in the last year. And there’s a rising trend for mixing things up by scheduling a morning course.

Nutritionists often say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but how many of your conveyancers routinely skip breakfast in an attempt to get some productive work in ahead of the influx of emails and calls?

It’s a self-defeating manoeuvre that saves a small amount of time but can reduce efficiency all day, making it harder to focus and remember. Not only is everyone’s brain more alert and receptive in the morning, evidence suggests that people are also more likely to retain what they learn.

So, next time you’re considering an efficient mealtime session to add value to your firm, don’t just fall back on the ever-popular ‘lunch and learn’. Set the tone and offer your lawyers in-house training over breakfast one day: with food for stomach and the brain, you may want to make it a cereal occurrence.

Whilst it’s generally true that there is no such thing as a free lunch, Searches UK are sponsoring the cost of Lexsure’s training sessions for the remainder of 2018. At whatever mealtime you choose.

Pick a FREE one hour ‘in-house’ session from Lexsure Academy’s latest menu:

A) Lenders’ Handbook updates – do you know what you’ve missed?

B) Have you let the rot set in? Time to review your ROT

C) The evolution of the pre-completion checklist

D) Leasehold is under attack – are you preparing your clients?

E) Deep dive analysis of file audit on lender compliance

For more information about FREE Lexsure in-house training at your offices, to discuss your à la carte requirements or to book a one hour training session in your office, please contact Searches UK directly on 0800 043 1815 or email [email protected] to speak to one of their dedicated team today.

Terms and conditions
  • Strictly subject to availability, please book early to avoid disappointment
  • Only available for firms with minimum 15 attendees
  • If you are a small firm and would like to participate, let Searches UK know and they will try to consolidate a session with other local firms
  • Food to be supplied by the firm. Lexsure will make sure the training isn’t flat as a pancake.


Kindly shared by Simon Seaton, non-practising solicitor