Let’s Talk Data – Is there an opportunity for law firms to look beyond the fees?

The Access Group have created a new webinar that discusses the use of data and whether opportunities exist for law firms to look beyond the fees.

For most law firms, assessing performance means taking a look at how much has been billed, billable hours, aged debtors and how many files have been opened. But this is a limited view of a law firm’s performance, as there is so much more to a law firm that makes it a success.

So what should you be tracking and how do you do it?

To find out, you’ll have to join us on our free 45-minute webinar, where our expert, industry panel, made up of Group COO of MAPD Group, Joanna Kingston-Davies, Consultant from Baskerville Drummond Consulting, Nigel Stott, and Access Legal’s Head of Product, Lauren Colbeck, discuss:
  • Why is now the time for smart firms to start tackling the challenge of data?
  • What are the new metrics to consider beyond purely financially focused fees, revenue, WIP and profit
  • How can firms be smarter about data collection?
  • What is the resulting cultural shift required for firms to build business intelligence into their broader strategy?
  • The opportunities and advice for law firms
Register for the webinar now to see how you can make better use of your firm’s data and drive your firm towards success:

Date: Tuesday, 15th June 2021

Time: 12:45 p.m.

Register here


Kindly shared by The Access Group

Main photo courtesy of Pixabay