What property professionals can do to tempt buyers back to the market

Selling a property can be a challenge at any time, but with the threat of COVID-19 looming over the property market, it’s harder than ever to tempt buyers back.

Property professionals luckily have several strategies that they can put into action in order to boost business and get the housing economy booming once again.

Here are some tips on how the industry can adapt in light of the pandemic and tempt buyers back to the property market.

Utilise technology

Technology is more important than ever before, especially in the housing market where in-person viewings need to be minimised for health and safety reasons. Digital house viewings are a great way of giving people the opportunity to continue their house search without posing a risk to their health.

By making the best use of technology, property professionals can continue to run their business efficiently and offer the best service to customers and potential buyers.

Provide services safely

Safety is of paramount importance now, so professionals need to highlight to viewers that their services will be provided in as safe a manner as possible. This may include video calls with clients to deliver that personal touch without needing to meet in person, as well as allowing forms to be signed with eSignatures to remove the need for people to travel to the office.

Companies that are thriving are those who are able to adapt to a new way of working in order to keep customers safe and healthy.

Colin Silk, Director at SSJ Surveyors, says:

“We have had to put temporary measures in place to continue working whilst maintaining government health and safety guidelines. Our customers feel reassured that we are able to work with appropriate social distancing measures in place”.

Rethink strategy

Target markets have changed considerably as a result of COVID-19, so there are now more investors looking to buy compared to families or single professionals. This means that businesses and professionals need to rethink their strategy and who they are targeting with their marketing efforts going forward. This may mean reconfiguring the type of marketing strategy you’re using or even adapting the USPs of each property online to suit the needs of the client.

Remind buyers of the strength of the property market

Property is always a worthy investment and while the industry may be temporarily struggling while we adapt to the changes in place, property will continue to be worthwhile long-term. As professionals, it’s important to remind clients of this fact and help to encourage them to invest in property for the future.

Regardless of the pandemic, we will always need housing so reminding the public of the strength of the market and highlighting positive statistics will help to encourage them to continue with their plans to buy and sell.

Invest in your website

As more customers use the web to search for properties and plan their home moves, having a professional and high-quality website is more important than ever. It’s key to have a responsive site that is designed for mobile as well as desktop, so that people can find your business from wherever they are and search for available properties. It’s also important to have your contact details readily available, to ensure that your brand is approachable and easy to get in touch with, as well as a chat option so that customers can ask questions easily.

Go through your site with a fine-tooth comb to make sure that every possible question has been answered, so that viewers can find information quickly.

Final thoughts

The knock-on effect of the property market on the broader economy can’t be ignored, so it’s important that property professionals seek out ways to help keep the market moving now that lockdown restrictions are slowly being lifted.

Providing that the industry follows safety guidelines, the sector can play a vital role in getting the economy moving once more. The housing sector is an important factor in the financial health of the country and by adapting the way estate agents work, they can help impact other sectors in a positive way too.


Kindly shared by Annie Button

Main article photo courtesy of Pixabay