Thomson Snell & Passmore, on the extension of the ban on evictions

Mark Steggles, partner at Thomson Snell & Passmore, comments on the government’s announcement of the extension of the ban on evictions.

“On 5 June, the Government announced that the current ban on evictions for commercial and residential tenants in England and Wales will be extended for a further two months until 23 August 2020.  This brings the total length of the ban to 5 months.

“The extension comes as little surprise given the lockdown provisions that remain in place, but the can that is being kicked down the road is getting heavier.  Significant rent arrears are accruing that some tenants have no realistic means of paying back and landlords are becoming less understanding as time marches on.

“Without reform to the eviction process that balances the interests of landlords and tenants during this period of extension, the courts are going to be overloaded with possession and debt claims in the Autumn meaning that tenants will still be evicted – it is just a question of when and how much debt is racked up in the interim.”


Kindly shared by Thomson Snell and Passmore Solicitors