The Law Superstore launches free self-quoting widget to partners

15 May 2019: The Law Superstore has launched the first free self-quoting widget for all its legal services partners, enabling them to offer real-time, instant price quotes for a full range of legal services on their own websites.

Following the introduction of new regulatory requirements around price transparency in December 2018, the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) has raised concerns about how open and clear firms are being about costs, particularly during property transactions.

The Law Superstore which offers instant, real-time quotes for a wide range of legal services such as wills and divorces, has developed the widget as a way of enabling its partners to easily comply with the new regulation, producing exactly the same quotes on their own site, for their firm only, as would be produced on The Law Superstore. Consumers will not need to register to receive the quotes.

The widget, which is easily installed, is available entirely free to partners of The Law Superstore that are spending at least £100 each month on leads.

Rob Houghton, CEO of The Law Superstore, said:

“We want to use our technology to make it as easy as possible for legal services firms to be fully compliant with the new price transparency rules, while at the same time helping grow our panel of valued partners.”

The Law Superstore relaunched at the start of this year with a new model, providing verified leads to be converted, rather than highly priced instructions. It aims to provide four quotes for each enquiry, offering a choice of local providers where available, alongside online or phone-based firms.

Inspired by the transformation of the insurance industry through comparison sites, which have made it easier for smaller brands to compete with the larger firms, The Law Superstore aims to modernise the legal services sector by generating high quality online leads.

The most popular services on the site are concerned with buying and selling property, drafting joint and individual wills, starting divorce proceedings and establishing child residency.

Firms wishing to find out more about joining The Law Superstore’s panel and accessing the self-quoting widget, can visit


Kindly shared by The Law Superstore