The Chartered Institute of Housing responds to Planning for the Future

Following the announcement by Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick, the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) responds to Planning for the Future.

Today (6 July 2020), Robert Jenrick has announced an overhaul of our country’s current planning system and a reformation of the way we build moving forward.

Responding to today’s announcement and the Planning for the future White Paper just published, CIH head of policy and external affairs, Melanie Rees said:

“We need a planning system that ensures we have the right kinds of homes, in the right places and at the right prices – particularly homes at social rents. Today’s changes will not only cause uncertainty, at least in the short term, but could delay the step change government is seeking.

“We know we need to build at least 90,000 new social rented homes each year and investing in a programme to deliver this would give the post-COVID economy the boost it desperately needs. Section 106 agreements are providing around 40 per cent of our new affordable homes each year and removing them without a robust alternative is a real concern.

“We need more good quality homes of all kinds that address the real needs of local communities. The First Homes initiative will enable some people to become homeowners who may not have been able to do so, but we also need homes at social rents. Everyone deserves a safe, secure, comfortable place to call home, and we need a planning system and government investment to make this happen.”


Kindly shared by Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH)

Main article photo courtesy of Pixabay