Surveyors want to an end to the HomeBuyers Survey lottery

The Residential Property Surveyors Association (RPSA) aims to end the lottery for home buyers put off commissioning surveys by inconsistent quality and content.

RPSA has announced an agreement to include the Mi Building Survey (MiBS) product, from software house Skyline Surveyors, in their portfolio of products offered to industry partners and consumers through its ever-expanding national surveyor panel. RPSA has selected MiBS as it is the first full format building survey backed by a rigorous quality assurance program.

As Alan Milstein, Chairman of the RPSA points out:

“The statistics tell us that almost 8 out of 10 home buyers fail to commission a thorough survey of the condition of the property they are about to buy. And much of this is down to their previous experiences of survey reports of inconsistent quality and content.

“The RPSA has selected the Mi Building Survey product as it has been carefully designed to deliver clear information, supported by multiple photographs, explanatory diagrams, and plain English descriptions. And the quality management program that supports it ensures that, for the first time, consumers can always be confident of receiving a high-quality report that delivers them the information they need in a way they can quickly understand”

The Mi Building Survey can be ordered through the RPSA website, 08000 922503

The Residential Property Surveyors Association (RPSA) represents specialist independent residential surveyors whose primary interest is in providing high quality and good value survey reports to home buyers. The RPSA operates a national panel of surveyors who carry out survey instructions received from industry partners, and directly from consumers.

RPSA is an active participant in industry stakeholder groups and is a key contributor to Government initiatives to reform the house buying and selling process.


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