Searches UK has the solutions to signs of subsidence

Insurance claims for subsidence have soared after the UK’s long hot summer, with average daily temperatures reaching a regular 30C across England, and thousands of property owners have seen their homes badly affected.

The worst-affected area was the south-east of England. Most of the soil in this area is clay, which is known to be prone to subsidence.

Summer heatwave sees insurance claims soar

According to the Association of British Insurers, more than 10,000 households made claims on their household insurance between July and September worth more than £64 million, four times the number of claims made in the previous three months.

Most subsidence is covered by a property’s buildings insurance.

Laura Hughes of the Association of British Insurers said:

“Insurers understand that this is a stressful time for affected homeowners and are providing widespread support to help with repairs.”

Damage not always obvious

Subsidence happens when the soil beneath a property dries out and begins to shrink. The summer heatwave drew most of the moisture out of the ground. What water remained in the soil was then absorbed by nearby grass, trees and shrubs, meaning the soil started to contract.

That then showed up as subsidence, sudden cracks in a building that are usually spotted around doors and windows. The cracks often appear as a diagonal, snaking upwards across a wall. Subsidence repairs can be done effectively once the damage is spotted.

Smart way to avoid costly repairs

At Searches UK, we offer a range of solutions for property buyers and owners who want to ensure any cracks in a building are not the result of subsidence.

Lisa Summerton, Searches UK Business Development Director, said:

“Subsidence can be a hidden but serious risk to a property’s stability. At Searches UK, we offer a variety of searches that can disclose those risks, arming home buyers with the right information to avoid potentially costly repairs.”

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