Search Acumen comments on new SRA/CLC Price Transparency Rules

Andy Sommerville, Director at Search Acumen, comments on new SRA/CLC Price Transparency Rules implemented 6 December 2018.

“Search Acumen welcomes the decision to introduce price transparency for conveyancers. This is a big step in making the industry more competitive and ultimately serves as a fantastic opportunity to allow practitioners to prove their worth in the marketplace.

“We now expect to see online price comparison services, either operated by  conveyancers or a third party, where house buyers can get accurate pricing estimates for the fees they’ll have to pay based on their address. Again, this could be a huge business driver for switched-on firms.

“Competition in the sector has truly begun to bite as hundreds of conveyancers have been forced to close their doors over the last five years. Therefore, it has never been more vital that firms  find a competitive  edge and ensure they are offering market-leading services.

“Transparency is not just nice to have. It will be key to stand out as quality conveyancer.”


Kindly shared by Search Acumen