Search Acumen comments on MHCLG Housing Supply Statistics

Andy Sommerville, Director at Search Acumen, comments on the publication of the MHCLG Housing Supply Statistics (November 2019).

“The net increase in housing stock could be seen as a proxy barometer for the nation’s economic outlook. You don’t have to be a meteorologist to know we aren’t in the sunlit uplands, but rays of sunshine are starting to break through.

“Figures from the last 10 years show that following a substantial slump in the aftermath of the economic downturn, additional housing supply has been steadily climbing by nearly 15% on average per year between 2012-2017. A dip in 2017/18 – precipitated no doubt by the looming Brexit thunderhead – seems to have been overcome, and we’re now back to a 9% annual increase.

“Fortunately, the government has also woken up to the need to address Britain’s housing shortage in part through technological innovation. This includes implementing data-driven solutions to enable housebuilders to better identify the best areas to build on. We may not be home and dry yet but at least we stand a better chance of getting a roof over our heads.”


Kindly shared by Search Acumen