Seamless app integration with case management systems

More law firms choosing app efficiency over unnecessary admin, with seamless app integration with case management systems.

Rather than relying solely on face-to-face contact with clients to keep them updated, many legal professionals are turning to tech. Not to replace personal contact – simply to support the progression of cases by keeping clients updated when law firms are unable to do so instantly.

The inCase app for law firms allows them to instantly enhance the customer service and efficiency offering they provide to clients. But despite its capabilities, there’s no need for practices to worry about how their existing systems will accommodate it. Developed to work perfectly with all case management systems, inCase delivers client benefits right out of the box.

Sales and Marketing Director, Rob Hosier comments on how client requirements are changing how law firms view technology:

‘A few years ago some firms would’ve been reluctant to let a mobile app handle so much of their client communication and interaction. Maybe there were some fears about appearing impersonal, or simply doubts about the effectiveness of the technology itself. But as we’re seeing with the numbers of law firms we’re onboarding each month, those are definitely problems of the past.

‘Not only do clients actually expect some form of digital communication updates on their case progression, they prefer it. The extra convenience of not having to wait on the phone or worry about law firm office hours is well worth it.

‘And the fact that this app integrates seamlessly with any existing case management system means the full benefits are available without any delay to law firms.’


Kindly shared by inCase