Revealed: How much does a bedroom cost in each UK city? analysed new ONS and Zoopla data to reveal how much the space of a bedroom costs, calculating the average square foot price, in each UK city.

Key findings from analysis:
  • New data reveals how much a bedroom’s worth of space costs in each UK city
  • In London, property the size of the average UK bedroom would set you back £107,000 – triple the country’s average yearly salary
  • Glasgow came out as the cheapest city for a bedroom, with property the size of the average bedroom costing £23,800

Property the size of a UK bedroom would cost £107,000 in London – four times more than Glasgow, the cheapest city for a bedroom.

The research by sleep experts used ONS and Zoopla data to find the average price of a square foot of property in 30 of the UK’s most populated cities and used these figures to discover how much it would cost to buy the size of the average UK bedroom (144 square feet or 13.3 square metres) in each city.

The cities with the most expensive bedrooms:
City Rank Cost of average bedroom (144 sq. feet) per city Cost per square foot of property
London 1 £107,000 £744
Cambridge 2 £67,000 £465
Brighton 3 £66,700 £464
Oxford 4 £58,000 £404
Bristol 5 £52,000 £362
Winchester 6 £51,500 £358
Reading 7 £50,000 £350
Southend-On-Sea 8 £47,500 £330
Bournemouth 9 £46,600 £324
York 10 £41,000 £285


After London, Cambridge is the city with the second costliest bedroom, with a bedroom’s worth of space costing £67,000 – well above the average price for a bedroom in the UK (£40,900).

In Brighton, space the size of the average bedroom would set you back £66,700 – more than double the UK’s average yearly wage – making Brighton the city with the third most expensive bedrooms.

Oxford was also high on the list of cities with the most expensive bedrooms, with property the size of a bedroom costing £58,000 in the city – the fourth priciest on the list. Bristol and Winchester had some of the UK’s costliest bedrooms as well, with a bedroom’s worth of property costing £52,000 in Bristol, and £51,500 in Winchester.

At the other end of the scale, Glasgow was the cheapest city in the UK for a bedroom. Property the size of a bedroom would cost £23,800 in the area – well below the national average.

The cities with the cheapest bedrooms:
City  Rank  Cost of average bedroom (144 sq. feet) per city £ of one square foot of property
Glasgow 1 £23800 £166
Sunderland 2 £24000 £168
Bradford 3 £24500 £171
Stoke-On-Trent 4 £26400 £183
Liverpool 5 £27000 £189
Swansea 6 £28800 £191
Plymouth 7 £30000 £200
Nottingham 8 £30800 £208
Newcastle 9 £33400 £214
Manchester 10 £33600 £232


Sunderland was the UK’s second cheapest city for a bedroom, with the space of an average bedroom setting you back £24,000 in the area. This was closely followed by Bradford, where a bedroom’s amount of space would set you back £24,500, and Stoke-on-Trent, where a bedroom would cost £26,400.

A spokesperson for, which conducted the study, said:

“With house prices growing at some of the fastest rates in 17 years, it’s never been more difficult for UK residents to get on the housing ladder. Housing security is a vital issue, and the importance of having somewhere safe and affordable to lay your head each night has only been reinforced by the recent global pandemic. 

“When we look at how much property the size of the average UK bedroom would cost in the country’s major cities, it paints a clear picture of how unaffordable even one room of property – let alone a whole house or flat – would be to the average earner.”


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