NAEA Propertymark: Government response to Select Committee report on Housing for older people

Mark Hayward, Chief Executive, NAEA Propertymark comments on Government response to the second report of 2017-19 of the Housing, Communities and Local Government Select Committee inquiry into housing for older people.

“Currently there isn’t adequate provisions of homes for older people, meaning they typically stay in their big family homes longer than they need to, and this affects the whole housing market. Our Housing 2025 report revealed that 16.1 million households in England and Wales are under-occupied, which limits the supply of available homes for families and second steppers. We welcome the Government’s response to the Select Committee inquiry into Housing for Older People, and agree that more support and information should be available to help those looking to down-size in retirement. But this needs to be an industry-wide priority, so older people can secure lending, and feel empowered to move into homes better suited to their lifestyles.”


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