Regulated Local Authority Searches suggested as one answer to avoiding search delays

With news outlets reporting on “nine week delays” on some Local Authority land search requests in the South West, SearchFlow, the property intelligence specialist, is working closely with its customers on alternatives and Regulated (Personal) Local Authority Searches, such as those provided by the firm – which instead have an average turnaround time of between five and eight working days – is one such alternative.

With the news report suggesting that estate agents are losing business as a result of the lengthy delays, SearchFlow is reminding agents and conveyancers that alternative methods are available to minimise potential delays.

Confirms Carole Marsden, UK Sales Director for SearchFlow:

“A delay in transactions is considered to be one of the top reasons that property transactions fail, and with varying levels of resources and turnaround times within Local Authorities it is important for conveyancers to be aware of all the options that are available to them, in order to safeguard the smooth processing of each and every transaction.

“SearchFlow offers a fully regulated personal local search and employs the largest number of search agents across England and Wales who personally visit local authorities to return searches as quickly as possible.  We know that summer time is particularly difficult in local authorities with fewer staff available due to holidays and therefore opting instead for regulated local search is one way to avoid this issue.

Continues Marsden:

“In addition to this, we offer a standardised land search report format across all local authorities to help solicitors deliver a consistent look and feel, there is PI cover of up to £10m for potential errors or omissions in local authority data and records, and the service is a fixed cost. So, regardless of the local authority, it makes it simple for lawyers to charge a set price for the service and not have to adjust costs dependent on the local authority that you may be dealing with.”

All SearchFlow searches are monitored by the Property Codes Compliance Board (PCCB) and are fully aligned to the Search Code.  As a founder member of CoPSO, SearchFlow is on the Board as an executive member and has been instrumental in promoting and improving standards within the private searches sector. This includes laying the foundations that are now aligned in the Search Code, which is managed and overseen by the PCCB.

With more than one million conveyancing searches run every year for over 2,500 legal clients across England and Wales, SearchFlow is regarded as one of the leading providers of comprehensive searches, surveys, identity checks and conveyancing insurance solutions.

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