Price Paid Data June 2019 published by HM Land Registry

The Price Paid Data June 2019 has been published by HM Land Registry, detailing the most expensive and cheapest properties in that period.

The most expensive residential sale taking place in June 2019 was of a terrace property in Kensington and Chelsea for £25,975,000.  The cheapest residential sales in June 2019 were of terraced properties in Burnley, Ferryhill and Bishop Auckland and a flat in Sunderland for £20,000.

The most expensive commercial sale taking place in June 2019 was in Liverpool for £45,427,079. The cheapest commercial sales in June 2019 were in Barking, Harlow and Kensington and Chelsea for £100.

This month’s Price Paid Data includes details of more than 81,500 sales of land and property in England and Wales that HM Land Registry received for registration in June 2019.

The number of sales received for registration by property type and month

Of the 74,683 sales received for registration in May 2019:
  • 64,481 were freehold, a 1.8% decrease on May 2018; and
  • 12,423 were newly built, a 15% decrease on May 2018.
Property type    June 2019    May 2019    April 2019
Detached 18,523 18,783 16,137
Semi-detached 21,623 22,181 19,430
Terraced 21,721 22,734 20,041
Flat/maisonette 14,393 15,811 13,345
Other   5,482   6,158  5,730
Total 81,742 85,667 74,683


Access the full dataset

In the dataset you can find the date of sale for each property, its full address and sale price, its category (residential or commercial) and type (detached, semi-detached, terraced, flat or maisonette and other), whether it is new build or not and whether it is freehold or leasehold.


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