Over half of property and construction workers want to avoid the office and stay home, even when lockdown is lifted

New research from Hitachi Capital UK finds the majority of those working in property and construction want to continue working from home once lockdown is lifted.

  • Lack of commuting is the number one reason those working in property and construction want to continue home working
  • 40% of UK workers reconsidering alternative eco-friendly commutes
  • 55% of property and construction workers want more home working opportunities once lockdown is over, with the lack of commuting the main reason for wanting to do so, new research reveals.

The study, conducted by Hitachi Capital UK, looks into property and construction workers’ feelings towards working from home during the pandemic, as well as their attitudes towards their environmental impact and how this has changed due to lockdown.

Considering the findings, the top ten professions that would prefer to work from home more often once lockdown is lifted, are:
  1. Recruitment and HR (69%)
  2. Sales (67%)
  3. Science and pharmaceuticals (65%)
  4. Information technology & Creative arts and design (63%)
  5. Law (61%)
  6. Media and Internet (60%)
  7. Healthcare (57%)
  8. Accountancy, banking and finance & Property and construction (55%)
  9. Law enforcement and security & Energy and utilities (53%)
  10. Environment and agriculture (50%)

Property and construction is the eighth most likely profession to want to continue working from home, with 55% of workers claiming they’d rather work from the comfort of their home than risk a return to the office.

So, what is it that property and construction workers enjoy most about working from home? When asked the question, 33% felt it was the lack of commute in and out of work that made them enjoy home working the most, 16% said it was being able to structure their work around their daily life and 13% claim it was due to having no office distractions.

Whatever limitations lockdown has had on Britain, the pandemic has helped alter people’s mindset towards environmental issues. In fact, two in five (40%) UK workers are considering alternative eco-friendly commutes when they can safely return to work.

The same goes for property and construction workers too. When asked why they would consider buying an electric car, 33% claimed it was because they are better for the environment, suggesting that lockdown has helped workers examine their carbon footprint and consider more eco-friendly commuting options post-lockdown.

Commenting on the findings, Robert Gordon, CEO of Hitachi Capital, says:

“Working from home has both its pros and cons, and our research shows that it could definitely have a lasting impact on the habits of property and construction workers.

“This changing landscape provides employers with an opportunity to re-evaluate their business models. Remote working has forced everyone to rethink their working practises and opens up new opportunities for attracting and retaining the best talent from a wider pool.  It could also lead to operational savings, using agile working to offset the cost of expanding office premises.”


Kindly shared by Hitachi Capital UK