My Home Move: New tech will get industry working together like never before

My Home Move, the UK’s leading provider of mover conveyancing services, has developed a new online service for property professionals that gives users complete transparency of their conveyancing service and claims it can transform working relationships in the property industry.

The new Introducer eWay portal, which is free to use for all of My Home Move’s partners, is a one-stop sales progression tool that gives customers real-time updates on their clients’ cases, lets them track their fees income and gives a level of detail that is unrivalled by any other conveyancing portal in the industry. It is accessible from anywhere, at any time, from any smart device, meaning property professionals will always have the information they need, when they need it.

Speaking of the portal launch, CEO of My Home Move Doug Crawford said:

“One of the challenges for the property industry is making sure that all parties in a transaction have the same information, at the same time. Confusion and delays can be caused by parties not being informed of changes and time is often taken up by chasing for updates rather than working together to progress a case. This new portal will get the industry working together like never before, making sure that more intuitive conversations are happening between parties to progress cases, rather than simply to update on the progress.

“The new portal gives our partners an unrivalled level of detail on case progression, with every action taken by a party in the transaction being visible at the touch of a button. Not only will our partners have access to this information, but actions needed by any party can be initiated using the portal, as it is fully-integrated with our internal case-management system. In short, this technology is going to be transformative for the relationship between conveyancers and the rest of the industry – which can only lead to a better experience for the client.”

After completing a successful pilot phase, the new portal will be rolled out to all of My Home Move’s property partners during the course of Q1.

New features of the service include:
  • An interactive and easy-to-use dashboard which will show the user’s pipeline and conveyancing income, as well as help to manage sales progression.
  • Real-time, detailed information on actions taken by the conveyancer to progress their client’s case (contact made, searches requested, emails sent, etc.), keeping users more informed and enabling them to be more proactive in moving cases forward.
  • Three different access levels: company, branch and employee, giving users tailored and relevant information to drive performance.
  • Visibility of the same interface that the client sees at the touch of a button, meaning everyone involved has the same information.
  • A built-in search function, helping users to find a case quickly and easily by using keywords.
  • Details for their clients’ conveyancer, including contact information, scheduled leave and their wider team, as well as details of their dedicated support network of account managers, regional development managers and conveyancing managers.
  • Online training guides and modules to guide users through the conveyancing process.
Speaking about the new portal, Simon Cumming from Goadsby Estate Agents said:

“We’ve been using the new Introducer eWay portal for a short while now and it is not only very easy to use but the innovative dashboard provides information in a clear and easy to read format. The platform has a number of useful tools including the ability to monitor events in the conveyancing process as they happen.  Whilst client confidentiality is preserved, the ability to monitor events as they happen online ensures we are better informed.  This has enabled us to better support our clients through what can be a stressful process.

“From a senior management perspective the portal also offers a range of reporting functions by branch or company and these analytics ensure we can manage performance, which will go a long way to making sure clients are receiving the very best service from everyone involved.

“Overall, this technology improves the communication of information and in doing this it offers the potential to change the way that estate agents and conveyancers work for the better.”

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