Mortgage technology provider Twenty7Tec comments on today’s Budget

James Tucker, the CEO if mortgage technology provider Twenty7Tec, comments on today’s Budget, with respect to plans for mortgages.

“In today’s assured performance by the Chancellor and associated documents, we had 55 references to housing and only six references to mortgages. We’d have loved to have seen that imbalance addressed.

“The three main mentions are: a reference relating to repayments issued as a result of Covid-19. A second announcement that The Government is to ‘explor[e] how to improve the guidance available for self-employed people applying for a mortgage’. And finally, that loan porting is also being enabled as previously announced by the Government in July 2019.”

“It’ll be interesting to see what comes out of the housing sector as a result of the commitments made by Government and we’ll continue to track that over the coming hours and days.”


Kindly shared by Twenty7Tec