Molo partners with LMS to transform its conveyancing services for customers

London, 7th March 2024: Molo Finance, the UK’s first fully digital mortgage lending platform, announces its strategic partnership with LMS Conveyancing, the UK’s leading provider of conveyancing services.

Key points from announcement:
    • Molo’s collaboration with LMS transforms its conveyancing services benefiting both UK and International customers
    • The strategic partnership provides Molo’s customers access to instant quotes from over 20 conveyancing firms, offering unparalleled choice and competitive pricing
    • LMS introduces dual-representation conveyancing options for international customers
    • The collaboration ensures real-time updates and a personalised experience for customers
    • The service is now available via Molo’s platform

Molo partners with LMS to transform its conveyancing services for customers

Molo Finance customers can now gain access to precise conveyancing pricing across all products, bringing transparency and reliability to the forefront of the mortgage process, and increasing the choice of conveyancing firms from three to over 20.

In addition, LMS, for the first time, has integrated international conveyancers onto their panel, providing customers with the flexibility to choose dual representation when partnering with Molo.

Molo and LMS introduce real-time updates within the LMS portal, a feature designed to offer customers a seamless and transparent journey throughout the mortgage process. This transformative addition addresses key challenges within the mortgage industry, ensuring enhanced communication and visibility.

Customers, both in the UK and abroad will benefit from personalised instant quotes tailored to their specific needs, with the added advantage of fixed fees from a range of conveyancers offering dual representation solutions. This innovative service promises to simplify the conveyancing process for Molo’s customers, setting new industry standards from the initial quote sourcing to the final stage of completion.

The service is now available through Molo’s platform.


Speaking about the partnership, Molo’s CEO, Matthew Kimber says:

“We are continually exploring ways to improve the efficiency of our processes and we are thrilled about the possibilities that this partnership unlocks for our customers, both in the UK and abroad.

“Working hand-in-hand with LMS allows us to broaden the choices within our conveyancing panel and aims to significantly improve the service we offer.”

Julia Pulford, Business Development Manager at LMS, emphasised the significance of the partnership, stating:

“The collaboration with Molo marks a significant milestone for LMS and the utilisation of our API capability within the industry.

“The introduction of an international panel is the first of its kind in the UK, offering the benefits of dual representation exclusively to Molo customers.

“This is something we’re especially proud to bring to the market as part of our strategic partnership with Molo.”


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