Mediator Network Provides Mediation services for The Property Ombudsman Dual Fees matters

As announced today, Monday 11th March 2019, Mediator Network is delighted to be providing mediation services for agents facing disputes over dual fees matters, as an alternative resolution to time-consuming and costly litigation, in line with The Property Ombudsman (TPO) guidance.

Mediator Network Provides Mediation services for The Property Ombudsman Dual Fees matters

Will and Anthony Chalmers, Founding Directors of Mediator Network

Mediator Network aims to improve awareness of mediation among businesses and consumers, and to increase the number of people opting for this approach in property disputes, instead of litigation. Mediation is increasingly being seen as a more convenient, more cost-effective and timelier way of handling property disputes than going down the traditional legal route.

Focused on helping TPO agents to find a mutually beneficial outcome, mediation is effective as both sides of the dispute positively want to find a solution to the disagreement. The service provided by Mediator Network has been tailored to TPO requirements and the Network’s mediators have been trained to work with TPO cases. They understand typical property dispute scenarios and how they arise and have been trained in TPO values and Terms of Reference, to make sure they deliver the level of service consistent with TPO standards.

Katrine Sporle, The Property Ombudsman, comments:

“We have been working with Mediator Network in other ways and believe the company is an ideal provider of mediation for dual fees disputes.  Mediator Network understands the matters we see and the particular issues that arise in this area and, in sharing our ethos in protecting the consumer and resolving disputes based on fairness and reason, we are confident to recommend agents use Mediator Network to resolve their disputes, rather than pursue consumers for recompense or end up facing expensive litigation.”

Will Chalmers, co-founder of Mediator Network, adds:

“Mediation is growing in popularity and, with courts and Tribunals backed-up with case waiting lists, even the legal sector is keen to divert businesses to mediation as a solution for property disputes. We are delighted to have partnered with The Property Ombudsman to resolve agent-to-agent disputes in such a forward-thinking way and we’re pleased that TPO is endorsing a more positive experience for participants, all round.”

Mediator Network works with large affiliate organisations, such as The Property Ombudsman, to raise the profile of mediation as an alternative to litigation and educate consumers and businesses about its effectiveness. As part of this work, Mediator Network is raising the benchmark for mediation services in each sector it is working with and aims to raise the benchmark for superior mediation delivery in the United Kingdom.


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