May Transaction Data from HM Land Registry

  • HM Land Registry completed more than 1,620,800 applications
  • The South East topped the table of regional applications with 378,531
  • Birmingham topped the table of applications by local authority area with 25,427

The Transaction Data shows HM Land Registry completed 1,620,802 applications from its customers in May. This included 1,595,183 applications by account holders, of which:

  • 360,412 were applications in respect of registered land (dealings);
  • 780,831 were applications to obtain an official copy of a register or title plan;
  • 203,008 were searches; and
  • 74,576 were transactions for value.
Region Applications
South East 378,531
Greater London 312,068
North West 176,569
South West 159,503
West Midlands 139,622
Yorkshire and the Humber 124,918
East Midlands 113,715
Wales 76,075
North 73,411
East Anglia 66,244
England and Wales (not assigned) 104
Isles of Scilly 42
Total 1,620,802



Top three local authority areas Applications
Birmingham 25,427
City of Westminster 22,912
Leeds 18,896



Top three customers Transactions for value
My Home Move Limited 1,660
O’Neill Patient 862
Countrywide Property Lawyers 694


Top three customers Searches
Breeze & Wyles 9,689
Enact 8,569
O’Neill Patient 7,023

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