Maintaining Business Continuity Using Digital ID Solutions

In recent days, the UK entered the government’s suppression stage of approaches dealing with COVID-19, which will require business continuity methods.

This will mean that conveyancers will need to adapt the way they communicate with clients.

The UK public have been advised to work from home wherever possible, self-isolate and protect the vulnerable and those over 70-years-old by means of social distancing.

Obtaining physical or certified copies of ID is therefore going to be extremely challenging over the next couple of weeks and conveyancers will need to be ready for a more agile and innovative way of working.

Law firms will increasingly look to offer their services without communicating in the physical environment. This in itself is a huge u-turn to the tradition of offering home visits.

Thirdfort with Lawyer Checker has a comprehensive digital solution helping firms collect and verify ID from their client.

The easy to use mobile phone app allows consumers to share their identification documents without having to meet face to face.

Even those who are not technically strong find it easy to use. For any client struggling to access the app, we have a support telephone team who can talk customers through each stage of the process.

Additionally, Thirdfort uses cutting edge facial recognition technology and can verify passports or driving licenses from over 190 countries, providing peace of mind to all concerned.

If you would like more details, please message Tom Lyes, Key Relationship Manager, who can provide more information.

This innovative and simple to use workaround will help maintain governmental compliance whilst ensuring people are able to access the legal services they need.


Kindly shared by Lawyer Checker