LMS launches remortgage case updates pilot for brokers and estate agents

LMS, the conveyancing solutions provider, has today launched the pilot phase of its new case updates solution for brokers and estate agents.

  • New system eliminates the need to manually chase for case updates, giving brokers and estate agents more time to focus on client advice and value-delivery
  • Firms participating include TSB, Alexander Hall, Connells, London & Country and LSL

The pilot is currently being trialled exclusively through Alexander Hall, Connells, London & Country and LSL with lender TSB. Additional lender work streams are due to be added shortly following which LMS plans to expand the service to other brokers and estate agents.

The new case updates solution sends automatic daily updates to brokers and estate agents, keeping them informed on the latest status of all active instructions. This removes the need for brokers to manually call for updates, increasing efficiency for all parties involved in the remortgage process, this releases valuable time for brokers to then spend with their clients, or on other urgent matters. This is an extension of LMS’ current online portal service ‘Case Check’ where brokers can view the status of individual cases.

The move is part of LMS’ commitment to investing in technology, improving cross-industry collaboration for all key stakeholders involved, and further digitising the remortgage process.

Nick Chadbourne, CEO at LMS, comments:

“LMS is committed to looking for new ways to improve the service we offer to all key parties involved in the remortgage process. As the industry continues to embrace technology, LMS wants to be driving change from within and bringing the benefits of digitalisation to lenders, firms, brokers, and customers alike.

“Our new case updates solution will help to change the home buying experience for the better. Ultimately, conveyancing can become a seamless part of the process and working closely with respected industry stakeholders will help LMS to drive that change.”

Greg Cunnington, Director of Lender Relationships and New Homes, Alexander Hall, adds:

“We are excited to be involved in this pilot launch, as it represents a real step forward for brokers, and the remortgage process as a whole. Brokers need to be able to devote time to speaking with clients and securing new business, not manually chasing for updates on existing cases over the phone. By removing this from a broker’s day-to-day admin and replacing it with daily automated updates, LMS’ solution lets us focus on delivering value by investing our time and resources into the areas that matter most for the consumer.”

Bev Bradford, Head of Mortgage Intermediaries Performance, TSB adds: 

“LMS’ case updates solution embodies the cross-industry collaboration and transparency that is essential to the continuing progress of digitisation, and we’re excited to be part of its development. Cutting down on time-consuming activities saves a huge amount of time in the mortgage process and LMS’ system delivers this for all key stakeholders involved.”


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