Legal Ombudsman launch new Self–Service Customer Assessment Tool

The Legal Ombudsman (LeO) is launching a new online Self–Service Customer assessment tool to make life easier for consumers.

The assessment tool provides a quick way for consumers to contact the Legal Ombudsman and discover whether their complaint can be handled immediately, or by another organisation or is too early to be dealt with. The assessment tool has been tested with consumers over the last month and since its introduction over 3,000 people have used it to assess their complaint. As a result, almost 500 consumers realised that their complaint was outside of our jurisdiction and were signposted to the correct organisation, and a further 350 learnt that they had to wait to give their service provider the opportunity to respond to the complaint first. Five hundred went on to access the full complaint form.

The Customer Assessment Tool was developed in-house and is part of our ongoing programme of modernisation work to ensure we provide high levels of service to all our customers.

Wanda Goldwag, Chair of the OLC, said:

“Consumers today are often looking for quick responses to their questions. Our customer assessment tool is a great way for them to access our services and understand how and when we can help them.”


Kindly shared by Legal Ombudsman