Large number of renters hate being tenants but cannot afford to buy

Almost half of people renting a home in Britain would love to save for a house but financially cannot afford to do so with 44% admitting that they hate being tenants, new research has found.

A prime reason is that they dislike having to ask permission to do things in the home where they live such a putting up shelves or decorating along with finding that their landlord isn’t the easiest to work with.

Some 46% of people said that while renting they simply cannot afford to save a deposit for a home, 36% said they are saving and 18% said they have no intention of buying a property anytime soon.

The survey by home interior firm Hillarys also found that 51% stated that they don’t mind renting or were indifferent towards it as a means to an end, while 44% confessed to hating the situation. The remaining 5% stated that they loved renting and preferred it to owning a property.

Having to ask permission to decorate was the top dislike, cited by 71% of respondents while 55% said their landlord is not as quick as they’d like at getting things fixed and 46% did not like having to ask to put up shelves, photos and pictures.

Some 19% disliked being asked to pay towards fixing things in the home having been blamed for damage and 15% did not like a landlord showing up unannounced. A further 14% also stated that they didn’t like the idea that their landlord could sell their home with little notice that they’d have to move on.

Overall 21%, stated that they were fortunate enough to have a great landlord that they got on well with, who was easy to contact and happy to help and fix things around the home when they needed doing in an orderly timeframe.

Spokesperson Tara Hall said:

‘When you’re renting, a good relationship with your landlord is what everyone’s hoping for. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case and some landlords can be difficult.

‘The results here are clear, landlords need to be easier to work with for the sake and tenants and harmony on both parts.’


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