Hunters customer completes first digital TA6 form

A customer from The Property Franchise Group (TPFG)-brand Hunters Estate Agency this week completed the first Law Society-licensed Digital TA6 form via blockchain proptech network Coadjute.

The Digital TA6, developed through a collaboration with the Law Society, aims to simplify and expedite the property transaction process, letting estate agents access a range of data sources at the press of a button. 

Once the relevant data is sourced, it can then be transposed instantly to a range of property documents including the PIQ, BASPI or Licensed TA6 and shared with the seller and conveyancer.  

Jenna Heath, sales manager at Hunters Estate Agency York, said:

“The Coadjute Digital TA6 product really is a game-changer.

“It took minutes for me to start the process with the vendor. 

“Within an hour or so, they sent back a completed TA6 licensed by the Law Society ready for us to send to the conveyancers on the deal once they’ve been instructed.

“The bonus is, by doing this step, we are NTS compliant, and we have all the details we need to start marketing the property.

“I am so excited about what this means in terms of time savings for the team and the likelihood that we will significantly reduce transaction times and fall-throughs.”

Rob Smith, managing director of Hunters, said:

“Coadjute’s Digital TA6 product represents a significant advancement in the buying and selling process.

“It enhances the accuracy of the information provided, reducing the potential for legal disputes and delays. 

“We are proud to support this initiative.

“We are thrilled Hunters were the first to use it and look forward to seeing the benefits it brings to our franchisees and our customers.”

Hunters’ customer Gavin Day added:

“The process for using the Digital TA6 was clear and quick, and I found it very easy.

“My agent sent me a link, there was a lot of information about my property already pre-populated and even though a lot of information is still required, it took barely any time.

“I am looking forward to the rest of the process now, especially if it is this easy.”


Kindly shared by Estate Agent Today