How Can Estate Agents Save Time on Property Sales?

Across the country, you’ll find estate agents who have way too much on their plate.

Sure, having a lot of work isn’t usually a bad thing but if you can’t get those properties sold in a reasonable amount of time, it can all start to pile up. On top of that, clients who are left hanging will not be happy with the service.

For this reason, we thought we would look a bit closer at how estate agents can save time on property sales. Read on to learn about some of these tips.

Be More Organised

Everyone knows that an organised office is one that is more efficient. So, if estate agents want to be able to save time and get those properties sold a bit quicker, they need to be willing to organise their work. If there are multiple team members, some can focus on the sellers and others can focus on the buyers. If the work is properly split and organised, it can save a lot of time.

Use Software

Nowadays, a piece of software can be found for just about every sector of management you could need. So, it’s no surprise that there are some excellent software packages that can be used to save time when it comes to conveyancing. Estate agents spend a lot of time looking at data from multiple sources and this can cause problems when it comes to getting things done. So, with the help of software such as Sprift which has been specifically designed to obtain and manage property data, estate agents can save time and get all of the data that they need from one source. This is just one example of useful software that can be leveraged.

Use Social Media

One of the trends that we are seeing more and more in 2020 is estate agents using social media to sell properties. There are still many people visiting property websites to find their dream home but if a potential buyer were to see a stunning property pop up on their newsfeed, they might just click that link! Social media can reach many more people in a short period of time and it is free to use. This is certainly a great idea to speed up the conveyancing process.

Keep It In-House

Finally, estate agents can speed up property sales by having a team that can do it all. For example, how long do you spend waiting for a photographer to get back to you with the photos so that you can post the listing? If you can do all of the tasks in-house, you won’t need to outsource anything. This not only saves time on following up with these people but also saves money along the way.

Final Verdict

Estate agents can get very busy at certain times of the year and so it is important that time is saved where it can be. If you are an estate agent and are struggling to get everything done on time, we recommend that you try out some of the ideas that we have offered here in this article.


This is a non sponsored article supplied by Emily Roberts