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A mobile app for law firms that improves their customer experience.

Why would a law firm want to make its clients feel valued, secure and up-to-date?

An obvious question that doesn’t need answering – a more pertinent poser might be:

If there’s a way to achieve these objectives via technology, why wouldn’t a law firm want to?

The inCase mobile app allows law firms to do all that and more, increasing efficiency, improving visibility and boosting customer satisfaction.

Hand holding that keeps your clients happy

Clients that download the app can access it 24/7 to see case updates and progress, removing the need to rely on your office hours.

They can send and receive documents securely and instantly – faster and more reliable than waiting on the postal system (not to mention cheaper).

Most importantly, clients can be kept informed, with expectations managed and challenges addressed before they become obstacles.

For example, a recent trade publication article asserted that over 47 percent of conveyancing clients expect digital comms updates throughout the process.

But to sit and type email after email – while valued by the customer – is cost and time consuming for legal professionals.

An app that satisfies communication requirements like these and makes clients feel included and informed is doubly valuable.

On their phone, not on yours

Seamless integration with existing law firm case management systems means that case progress speeds up.

By removing the need for customers to call the office as often, the app leaves legal pros more time to focus on securing a satisfactory outcome for their clients.

And as it was developed by lawyers who understand what drains the most resource during casework, the day-to-day rewards are obvious straight away.

Recent cost analysis by the developers of inCase showed law firms typically spend £2,400 per member of staff on inbound/outbound communication.

Which is just one reason why they created a technological solution that addresses such expenditure without detriment to communication quality.

Safer, stronger, sensible

With the sensitive nature of legal and confidential documents, security and fraud are a concern for many law firms communicating with clients.

The inCase app removes the need to post or email such content, relying on the client’s much safer smartphone PIN or fingerprint security.

This is invaluable when clients are required to provide info like bank details or identification documents.

Why wouldn’t you?

Whether you opt for ‘off-the-peg’, fully branded with your firm identity, or a full bespoke version, the inCase app opens up new opportunities for law firms.

By saving time, conserving resource and keeping clients connected, it enables new focus on other areas of your business and future opportunities.

Happier customers, more efficient legal professionals, better insights, tighter security – there are lots of things law firms want.

But there’s only one app that delivers them.

Find out more about how inCase can deliver more for your clients at in-case.co.uk.

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