Enabling law firms to embrace digital conveyancing.

Heightened efficiency, happier clients.

The conveyancing industry has seen a change in recent years as web based companies have leveraged technology to redefine timescales for buying and selling houses.

The inCase app is enabling law firms to catch up and harness the power of digital as an efficiency, communication and customer satisfaction tool.

It integrates with law firms’ existing systems and can be fully branded with their corporate ‘look and feel’.

In addition, it allows them to securely send and receive legal documents – much faster and cheaper than relying on postage.

Speaking on LegalTechnology.com in February 2018, InfoTrack CEO Scott Bozinis cited a survey of conveyancing customers that found ‘58 percent of consumers are frustrated with the time taken to complete home moves’.

The same survey also claimed that consumers are ‘turning to digital channels to overcome the lengthy process’.

Improving conveyancing through technology

Sales and marketing director at inCase, Rob Hosier highlights the reasons for the app’s development and how it helps conveyancing customers:

‘Buying or selling a house is probably one of the most stressful things you’ll be expected to do in your lifetime.

‘The number of people and the size of financial figures involved mean that the potential for delays or obstacles can be a source of anxiety for many.

‘Some other sectors have recognised how the power of technology can help remove or lessen some of these pain points.

‘This specialist conveyancing app lets established law firms provide similar benefits to their conveyancing customers.

‘Better communication and speedier document processing means heightened efficiency and happier customers.’

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