Elite Conveyancing and Wilford Smith Launch Joint Venture to Attract Top-Performing Conveyancing Lawyers

The quality-focused, national conveyancing provider, Elite Conveyancing has formed a key strategic partnership with Sheffield- and London-based Wilford Smith Solicitors which will allow conveyancing lawyers the opportunity to become self-employed Consultants.

Essentially, Wilford Smith will become the umbrella brand for a new breed of self-employed lawyers, providing all of the necessary professional and regulatory compliance as well as full systems and telephony support, where required. Elite Conveyancing, which often describes itself as ‘the panel for non-panel firms’ will now utilize this infrastructure to help further grow the business by continuing to attract some of the best performing conveyancing lawyers across the country.

Historically, the legal industry has always been littered with restrictions and regulations which can make it difficult for lawyers to create new law firms and compete on a level playing field, particularly in conveyancing. This joint venture is likely to provide a long awaited and much needed shake up of the industry, which has been dominated by the larger conveyancing firms over the last decade.

Carl Brignell, Managing Director of Elite Conveyancing explains:

‘The career path for a conveyancing lawyer is limited and those that do show ambition and talent are often promoted into management or are quickly given bigger support teams in the hope that they can generate even greater fees for their employers. However, we know that what makes lawyers great is often their own personalities so by taking them away from the front line and / or by overloading them with additional cases only serves to dilute this magic and the very thing that made them different in the first place is then lost.

‘We live and die by the performance of our lawyers and so it was important for us to find a long-term solution that could keep them motivated on the front line whilst at the same time allowing them to progress and share in our continued success. This new venture will not only help us to attract the best lawyers, but it will also allow us to continue to scale the business model safely and robustly through a network of highly motivated and conscientious individuals, which I am certain will enhance our overall offering and further reduce our transaction times.’

Dapinder Singh, Director of Wilford Smith commented:

‘Elite Conveyancing has brought a breath of fresh air to the conveyancing market. They have dared to compete on service as opposed to price and have proven on a national scale that there is a strong demand for a much more personable service from qualified and experienced lawyers.

‘We have invested heavily in this venture. This new structure will provide lawyers with an opportunity to advance their own careers and reputations and to earn far more than they could expect from an employed role. This means that they can reduce the size of their pipelines which will help to improve their quality of life and most importantly will mean that the client will receive a much better level of service.’

If you are interested in becoming a self-employed conveyancing Consultant or would like further information then please contact Tricia Lonorgan, Operations Director Elite Conveyancing – 07930 932982 or tricia@elite-conveyancing.com.


Kindly shared by Elite Conveyancing