Do today’s clients expect more frequent and engaging interactions with their legal services providers, and how could this expectation be met?

People are now demanding more frequent and engaging transactions as technology continues to evolve and push the legal profession to become more efficient and digitised.

A whole new generation are now accustomed to the seamless user experience they get when they log on to social media and when banking online, so it goes without saying that they now expect the same from their lawyers.

By adopting pioneering cloud-based practice management software, lawyers can look to meet the rising expectations of their clients and also the demand for more visible, frequent and engaging interactions.

To meet modern mobile lifestyle demands, lawyers can utilise mobile software and apps to communicate with clients via smartphones and tablets. This enables fee-earners to record time and billing and access matter information and documents at any time and from any place.

Legal software is also helping to improve interaction with clients by speeding up the process by which legal documents are created. With access to automated legal forms and precedent templates, sharing, finding and retrieving matter information becomes quicker and more streamlined, providing an all-round better experience.

Integrated third-party software also enhances the experience between client and lawyer. For example, document sharing platforms improve communication, facilitate the transfer of documents between parties and offer much better security than email. These platforms also enable improved collaboration across shared documents, make the process quicker, more interactive and eliminate the need to go back and forth between emails. Being able to organise key documents and maintain complete version control in this way helps keep your client in the loop and provide reassurance. This ultimately goes to build their confidence in their lawyer.

There is no doubt that advances in technology and cloud-based practice management solutions are not only changing the way that lawyers work but also helping them to forge better working relationships with their clients. By embracing change and implementing the right legal software solutions for their practice, lawyers can meet demand for the higher frequency of interactions and also make them more engaging for clients.

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