Coal Authority and Groundsure relaunch Enviro All-in-One Report

The enhanced Enviro All-in-One report combines the official CON29M coal mining report with ground stability, contaminated land, radon and flood risk searches to provide a fully comprehensive environmental check.

This premium report, the only report of its kind, has been developed through a unique partnership between the Coal Authority and Groundsure.

The Enviro All-in-One is based on Land Registry polygons, with new features, improved layout and clearer navigation – all delivered in up to 70% fewer pages.

It answers all the approved Law Society coal mining questions, including findings on past, present and future coal mining and provides a comprehensive assessment on contaminated land, flood risk and other ground stability whilst screening other environmental risks such as energy installations, transportation infrastructure and planning applications – clearly demonstrating it’s the expert way to search.

Key features of the Enviro All-in-One Report:
  • all official CON29M coal mining report information and interpretation
  • JBA 5 metre groundwater data included in the flood risk assessment
  • enhanced screening on planning applications
  • detailed visual and cultural designations
  • enhanced view on potential and planned energy installations
  • transportation infrastructure summary
Karma Harvey, Head of Retail Client Services at the Coal Authority, said:

“We’re really proud that this exciting partnership has produced such a robust product.

“The industry will already be very familiar with our official CON29M coal mining report – but our enhanced Enviro All-in-One is now a fully integrated report following feedback from our clients.

“Our data is backed up by a team of mining experts to provide peace of mind and our databases are updated every 24 hours to ensure you get the most up to date information on the market.”

Malcolm Smith, Commercial Director at Groundsure, said:

“We’ve launched a series of new and improved residential search reports as part of our moving searches forward initiative which aims to drive a clearer focus on accuracy, simplicity and risk analysis.

“In 2017 the development and launch of Groundsure’s Avista transformed the residential search report space. The next natural step was the development of our wider product range to bring further clarity and accuracy across environmental searches. A huge part of this is the development of the improved Enviro All-in-One with the Coal Authority.

“This report is set to vastly improve workflow, saving time and money for conveyancers, all the while displaying information in an easy to navigate way that is simpler to understand for the homebuyers themselves. Groundsure and the Coal Authority continue to demystify the search report arena.”

The Enviro All-in-One Report is available now from:


Kindly shared by Groundsure