Announcing the sad news of the death of SDLT’s Paul Crouch

Announcing the sudden sad passing of Paul Crouch last week who was well know to the Legal Tech world being both the ex-Laserforms and latterly for 6 years  electronic Forms Manager.

Paul was an integral part of ‘Legal Forms’, spending 24 years influencing and directing how the legal forms administration has evolved. Paul’s attention to detail and wide knowledge of how secretaries use every day legal forms was intrinsic into making the Laserforms product a great success in the 90’s. Building on that experience Paul looked for the next version of what and how Legal forms could evolve further and subsequently joined the fast growing eSubmission solution for property tax.

Paul approached Managing Director Archie Courage of in 2012, with an idea to revolutionise the way legal forms could be processed. Archie took all of a minute to say “yes”

And ‘FormEvo’ was created. FormEvo being an evolutionary leap forward from Laserforms, Oyez Forms and the others.

It is a great sadness that Paul will not see the completed results of his unwavering efforts on making legal secretaries experience that forms filling should be easy, accurate and never a burden. Paul’s unique selling point of forms was, recognising that the secretary (including fee earners to be fair) must not be frightened or wary of the technology and the data entry format must be identical to filling in a traditional typewritten form, but the clever eSubmission element being kept out of the way in the background. This is the key difference between FormEvo and all the others.

Paul’s latest and just completed success story was to deliver the SDLT replacement in Wales called LTT (Land Transaction Tax)  to the Property Practioners of England and Wales. The rapid development environment meant a fully fillable LTT was ready when LTT went live 1st April 2018.

The close-knit development team at and will miss Paul’s drive and motivation. They are committed to finish Paul’s ‘wish list’ of technical features in the coming months and will be interested to hear from any technically minded, analytically logical forms-folk out there, who would like to join and could help them deliver Paul’s legacy of eSubmission of legal forms in an integrated digital world, which was his passion.


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