Air pollution a growing concern for homebuyers – FCI response to ONS study into the UK environment

Future Climate Info (FCI) comments on ONS: The UK environment – fighting pollution, improving our health and saving us money

Geoff Offen, Managing Director at environmental risk analysts Future Climate Info (FCI) comments on a new environmental study commissioned by ONS from the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH) into air quality:

“Air pollution has become a key concern for aspiring UK home buyers as they become wiser to its associated health issues. Alongside flood and subsidence risk, our environmental reports have recently been expanded upon to now measure air quality as standard in response to growing demand from homebuyers’ for more information.”

 “While affordability concerns in urban areas have left many people with little choice but to look further afield for their dream home, an increasing number of home buyers – particularly those with young families – are escaping to greener areas for a breath of fresh air.”

 “Potential homebuyers are becoming more savvy and are demanding more information, so ensuring they are aware of air quality levels will be key in the future of all parties involved in the home-buying process. As the implications on personal and public health of poor air quality become more well-known, we’re only likely to see more homeowners make purchasing decisions based on the quality of air around their property.”

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