5 Ways Social Media can Help Your Estate Agency Sell More Property

Social media has entirely revolutionised the way we live, right? It’s given us a platform to air our views, an easier way of communicating, and even a pass time for many as we sit on public transport or lie in bed at night.

But it’s not just the general population who’ve found that social media has impacted their lives. In fact, many businesses around the world have found that social media has helped in their growth and development in its rise to prevalence. Despite negative media reports, it’s undoubtedly good for some things!

One industry that has, without doubt, witnessed first hand the ways that social media has been good for business is the property industry. It’s an entirely new way to advertise the market to a wider audience, in an easier way.

Still not convinced? Well today we’re going to be telling you the top five ways that social media can help your estate agency to sell more property.

  1. It Can Help to Build Your Reputation

When selling property quickly, homeowners immediately flock to the internet to decipher what method of sale they’re going to go down. What better way to be found by the right people than to be in the correct place?

Being online helps to build your reputation. It’s no secret that small businesses have utilised social media in recent years more than ever before because there are now free tools that allow you to set up a professional business page.

Consumers look for recommendations on social media frequently, and will leave reviews if they become customers. What better way to build a reputation than building up a wealth of positive reviews and recommendations on social media? One of the most popular forms of referral is asking a friend, so allow potential customers to hear about your business and what you do directly from the horse’s mouth. You’ll be surprised at how quickly your base can grow – and the larger your base, the more sales you’ll make.

  1. It Offers Networking Opportunities

One of the key success points in any business is, without doubt, the ability to network. Whereas once upon a time, networking was all about attending events and getting to know regional and local competitors, it’s now far more accessible as well as allowing you to branch out to other cities and beyond.

Social media was literally created for the purpose of communication – so utilise that! You can learn a lot from competitors by networking, and even end up creating a support system of sorts.

Furthermore, and most importantly, you can connect with potential clients! People post all sorts on social media, and are more than likely to state if they’re searching for property. There’s quite literally no one better to sell to, than someone who is actively looking to buy.

Likewise, there are a variety of social media forums created entirely for the purpose of finding, selling and buying property – so as an estate agency this is no bad place to advertise.

  1. It’s Opportune for Your Marketing Campaign

If you’re just starting out as a new agency, or have possibly opened a branch in a new area, then there’s no better place to start promoting your marketing campaign than social media.

It’s been proven that as much as 90% of the population are on social media and use it frequently nowadays, which makes it the ideal place for advertising.

More people are likely to stumble across an online marketing campaign – particularly on social media – than other sort of marketing campaign in 2020. Good advertising is often the key to high sales counts.

  1. It Helps to Build Your Brand

Every good company needs a good brand, and a great place to build a brand is on social media.

Being on social media automatically gives your business the “modern technology” vibe – which as times are changing, becomes ever attractive to those likely to be buying property.

It’s great for them to know they have several ways to contact you too – and they can tell all of this simply by seeing that you’re on social media.

Branding makes you reliable and trustworthy. Remember that.

  1. You Can Give Back

Finally, one of the most popular things to do for businesses on social media is to host competitions for the customers, and ultimately it allows them to give something back.

A good relationship with customers, means that you’re likely to get higher sales figures. Likewise, you can spread the word about your company if to enter the competition, all they have to do is to share your posts. It’s a win-win-win for sure!