Zoopla launches new Leads Delivery Service enabling agents to receive leads in just seconds

Zoopla, the UK’s leading property destination, has launched a new Leads Delivery Service, its latest innovation to drive efficiencies and return on investment for agents.

The service consists of two different functionalities – a Push Delivery Service and a Leads API.

The new functionalities, which are being offered free of charge, enables Zoopla to send leads to customers in a fast, usable and data-rich way – which can then be automated and embedded by the agent into their own technology.

Benefits of the leads service include lead delivery in just seconds, which gives agents the ability to make immediate contact with a vendor. This allows them to get ahead of the curve when it comes to acquiring new stock, and ultimately will lead to improved consumer satisfaction.

Zoopla’s Push Delivery Service and Lead API have both been designed to provide a great developer experience and can be easily integrated by agents thanks to its well-supported modern API documentation.

Customers who are interested in upgrading to the Leads API or Push Delivery Service can contact Zoopla customer services here.

Andy Marshall, Zoopla’s Chief Commercial Officer, said:

“We’re constantly striving to improve the service we offer to our customers, and our new Push Delivery Service and Lead API enables our partners to receive leads in the fastest possible time, removing the need for manual data entry.

“This unlocks a range of opportunities for our customers, including the ability to immediately act on those all important vendor and applicant leads.”

Andy Britcliffe, Purplebricks Chief Digital Officer, said:

“As the UK’s tech-led estate agent we’re delighted to work with partners who deliver high quality digital capabilities.

“Using Zoopla’s Leads API, we have been able to rapidly integrate this into our technology platform and since going live, we have seen a significant reduction in the lead time to contacting potential vendors.”


Kindly shared by Zoopla

Main article photo courtesy of Pixabay