The ‘Minerva Experience’ – an interview with Taylor & Emmet

Law Firm Services, the developers behind innovative legal software Minerva, were thrilled to invite users Taylor & Emmet to chat with them about their experiences, since implementing the innovative and efficient client onboarding software portal.

The short video includes interviews with CEO Steve Hinshelwood, IT Director Nigel Hoar and New Business Manager Elisha Burgil, who chatted candidly about the onboarding solution from set-up through to using it across the business.

The team from LFS spent a day with them filming and recording their opinions on how using Minerva has transformed how they run the business. From creating great client experiences to smoothly integrating the portal with their introducers and reducing matter file opening times, the whole business has seen a massive benefit.

Speaking with IT Director Nigel Hoar on completing the videos:

“Doing this filming has been a great way for us to showcase how well we are doing as a business using Minerva. Not only has it brought us quickly into the 21st century and made us near paperless, it came at the perfect time in light of Covid-19.

“In fact, we are super busy at the moment. July has been our best referral month ever. We had 1400 quotes in July with over half of these being accepted through Minerva. Moving into August it really does not look like we will be slowing down! Since the last week of July we have had 200 files to open.”

Speaking about the partnership, Richard Mathias, Sales Director at Minerva says:

”It has been brilliant to work with the guys at Taylor & Emmet and see that Minerva is really delivering results for them. Like them we have seen an upsurge in firms realising that online , paperless client onboarding really is the way forward.

“We too have had an incredible month in July with almost 5000 law firm clients completing our online Facial recognition ID and AML check. With costs as low as £4.00 per client, Minerva truly does support law firms in delivering a fast, easy and cost-effective onboarding solution.”

Watch the video here:

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Kindly shared by Law Firm Services

Main article photo courtesy of Pixabay