The future of home buying is paperless, but it certainly isn’t human-less

When You Move, the innovative proptech platform that digitalises the end-to-end process of the UK conveyancing process, seeks to banish paper-trails and manual chase-ups from what remains a remarkably offline sector, making it paperless.

The pioneering solution provides a central hub of clarity between all parties in the buying and selling process of a home- from agent to broker to solicitor and end-client, as a result significantly speeding up the process, but also improving connectivity, driving a transaction through to completion.

The current state of the UK conveyancing process:

  • A quarter (24%) of UK homeowners have wanted to sell their home but decided not to as the process is deemed too long and stressful
  • £1.4 trillion worth of property left off the market over the last 10 years due to cumbersome system dissuading potential buyers and sellers
  • 37% of all people to buy a property in the UK since 2007 – equating to 6.46 million – have experienced a deal fall through as a result of long delays and chain complications
  • More than 4 million people across the UK have in the last decade been left homeless because of delays in the property-buying process
  • 42% of homebuyers left homeless BEFORE completing

The Future: 

The future of the property arena is not without human interaction, but rather ensuring the interactions are more effective and resourceful exchanges between all parties involved in the buying and selling process.

  • The Bricks and Mortar arena still remains important in the buying and selling process of a home, offering negotiating and liaising expertise.
  • Estate Agents are an essential face-to-face contact for both buyers and sellers. Having a mutual go to contact between both parties can be reassuring.
  • Digitalisation creates a centralised approach to the conveyancing process. Cuts down the time spent on physically having to send and receive things in the post. With When You Move everything can be sent in real time.
  • Digitalisation ensures that the work left by a colleague going on holiday can be picked up by another conveyancer or lawyer to ensure the transaction is completed as scheduled.
  • From an environmental perspective, this is vital. Companies across all industries are working to towards becoming more environmentally friendly.
Simon Bath, CEO of When You Move, said:

“When You Move promises to solve this critical problem, enabling conveyancing firms, mortgage brokers and estate agents to effortlessly provide information to one another and, in doing so, freeing them up to perform the important jobs rather than filing paper work and chasing other parties.”

When You Move is keen to discuss why paper trails, filing cabinets and wet signatures have still not been banished form property transactions – a growth engine now worth £8.2 trillion to the UK economy.


Kindly shared by When You Move