Smartr365 comments on Which? fraud hotspot report

Conor Murphy, CEO of Smartr365, comments on the Which? fraud hotspot report, which reveals the most common scams and where they are hitting hardest.

“Which?’s report shows the dangers of fraud across many different areas, and the mortgage industry is definitely under threat. Brokers can fall victim to scams including computer virus attacks, hacking, and online bank fraud putting not just their business at risk, but also valuable client information. If documents are fake too, for example a passport or ID, brokers are liable if fraudulent activity occurs and risk being non-compliant.

“It’s essential that all intermediary businesses are aware of the threats they face, and that they use technology which can protect their data and that of their customers. Robust verification is vital, but that doesn’t mean it cannot also be digital. Smartr365’s secure platform can deliver peace of mind for brokers looking to build up their defences.”


Kindly shared by Smartr365