Regulated Drainage and Water Searches

At Searches UK we know that a reliable, efficient and cost-effective service is what matters most to our clients. We are always looking for innovations and developments within the search industry which will improve the service we give you and, in turn, give your own clients that same excellence.

We appreciate that in most property transactions, time is a key factor. One way in which we go the extra mile for our clients is by looking at alternative searches which can provide a quicker turnaround time, but still provide you, our client, with the information you require.

Recently Searches UK has reviewed drainage and water searches and we are now proud to present our new and improved Regulated Drainage and Water search. As of October 2017, an Official Drainage and Water search can take around thirteen working days to be returned, whereas the new Regulated Drainage and Water search has a turnaround time of around just five working days which is an improvement of over half.

There is scepticism when it comes to regulated searches in the property industry, however, you can be assured with a regulated drainage and water search from Searches UK, that the report will refer to every question which is included in the Official Drainage and Water Search and give a response, give advice on how to find the information or cover the question with a robust indemnity policy. For peace of mind, the indemnity policy will ensure your client is protected in the event that an Adverse Entry directly arising from the report materially affects the market value of the property.

Regulated Drainage and Water search

The search also includes a colour-coded summary page which draws your attention to any immediate concerns but the benefits don’t stop here. Every report will also include a standardised map to show any foul sewer pipes, surface water sewer pipes, combined sewer pipes, main water pipes and decommissioned water mains pipes within the vicinity of the property.

The search is in a concise format which is standard for every water authority which means not only is there less paper work to read through, you would be helping the environment out too as we become more conscious of our paper wastage.

Most importantly we want our searches to work for our clients, listed below are the key features of the regulated drainage and water search:
  • Mains Water Connection Status
  • Foul Water Connection Status
  • Surface Water Sewer Connection Status
  • Whether there are Sewer Pipes within the Boundary
  • Whether there are Water Pipes within the Boundary


To find out more about the Regulated Drainage and Water Search by calling Searches UK and speaking with one of our team members on 0800 043 1815 or email [email protected].


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